This means that if I can hold out, and avoid the Apple fanboy hype of the latest gear at the earliest point, then there should be hope for me. It looks like Android could be a viable alternative for me. Having spent some time looking into it, and researching the latest Android stash, and devices. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed. If you were to buy a HTC, Nexus or LG or any other Android handset, that not only has an open operating system, but they have the versatility of having MicroSD memory cards, then it looks like you might start enjoying a whole new type of mobile phone.

So Apple, in all it’s glory, does have a few flaws, as we know, but I think one of it’s biggest failings, is that you’re locked into iOS. The operating system is sleek, it’s UX is lovely and smooth as we all already know – but you’re locked into it. You have to use the apple store to get apps, you have to use Apple approved products, I didn’t mind until I saw that someone had their Android handset running Super Mario Smash Bros I was sold, that open functionality, along with the MicroSD cards that you can increase as and when. Is very appetising.


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